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Hanshi Liquori is the Chief and Founder of the USAGO.  Kyoshi Mabson is our Successor of the Organization

Academy Instructors


Head Instructor

John Ranglin

San Dan – John Ranglin is the founder of Academy of American Goju. He is a member of USAGO since May of 2004 and a direct student of Kyoshi Larry Mabson.



Ryan Cooper

Shodan – Ryan Cooper conducts an excellent introductory class for beginners and works well with children.


Junior Instructor

Jonathan Ranglin

Shodan -  Jonathan has been a member of the USAGO, since May 2004. He has a wealth of knowledge making him a great resource for the Team. 


Laurie McComas

Sensei McComas is a member and associate instructor of the USAGO. She also holds black belt rank from the Shito Ryu system after receiving years of formal training in Washington State before relocating to Florida in 2014.

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