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American Academy of Goju

Where Practice Makes You Better

We believe that confidence, discipline and strength are the core of an outstanding Karate School. We are dedicated to providing exceptional standards of practice through our facilities and instructors. We dedicate ourselves through training on our Focus and Form.  Reach out and join a class today!


Our Approach

There are so many good reasons to join American Academy of Goju. We believe that martial arts are a gateway to improving your life in so many ways. Some arrive at our studio in search of developing confidence, physical fitness and street smarts. Others are looking to generate a sense of courage and inner peace.

There are even those that are drawn to this art form due to their love of the culture and tradition that it embodies. Whatever your motivation, you will discover an inspiring world of self-transformation. Join us! You will be so grateful you did.

What We Do

Our classes can help you build strength, increase your flexibility, and gain the skills needed to defend yourself in an effective and courageous way. Scroll below to learn more about our classes and book an open session today!


Principles of Self Defense

Mind & Body


Introduction to Self Defense

Challenge Yourself


Fundamentals of Martial Arts

Stand Up For Yourself

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